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  Contract Killer

A list of contracts wouldn't be complete without the "Contract Killer". The Contract Killer is an open source contract that is really popular with web designers and developers.

It’s totally free, but chances are that you don’t know about it so I’ll include it here.

What I like about this contract is that it has a more light-hearted tone, but still draws the line of what is acceptable or not. For instance, the tone helps to alleviate concerns that this will be a hard-to-read contract. It can also help people to be at ease as they read it. Yet, the legal terms are still clear and binding.

So, if you want a contract that is a step up from the hybrid proposal/contract, then this one is a good choice.

This contract is actually found in github, and you can find it here.

Also, the owner wrote a blog post about it and it is a worthwhile read.