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  $100,000 a year is within your grasp

Key Concept:

Top quality freelancers easily make over $100,000 per year.

Why do most freelancers struggle? It comes down to three main things: 1) They struggle with choosing a niche and having a specialty. 2) They don't know how to get more clients. And 3) they don't know how to price their services. But all three of those issues can be fixed with training, and that is what I'll teach you in this course.

And by mastering these three concepts you'll be well ahead the rest of the pack. In fact, if you can become a leader of a certain niche, have a bounty of clients, and are charging top dollar prices then it's likely that you will have a sustainable business making $100,000 per year.

Don't believe me? I know multiple freelancers who make over $100,000 a year. Some are top-notch writers, and most are developers. But the common thread between them all is that they are good at their craft, know their market, know how to sell, and they know how to price their services by the value that they provide. Oh, and they stopped calling themselves freelancers and are now high-valued consultants. Just sayin'.

And this course will give you a foundation of the skills that those consultants use to earn a great living. But for now please realize that you can do really well in freelancing but it will take a lot of work. But it is possible. If you don't believe me, check out the links below about freelancers who make well over $100,000 a year, and really have this nailed down.

Examples of Rock Stars

Real Life Examples of People who make at least $250,000 per year freelancing. These are people to emulate, and who have figured it out.

Brennan Dunn (a hero of mine) - Charges $25,000 per week for building business solutions using Ruby on Rails. He also helps freelancers learn how to effectively sell their services.

Sean Vossler - Charges $30,000-$60,000 for wordpress websites and marketing strategies.

Patrick McKenzie - Charges $30,000 per week for business solutions, A/B testing, email campaigns, and Ruby on Rails projects. Just took a job with Stripe, but he still writes about how to be a better developer and consultant.

Ryan Waggoner - Routinely makes $250,000+ each year. He makes mobile apps for startups and helps other freelancers to overcome the common issues that most freelancers face.


  • Decide how much you want to make per year.
  • Write that number down and stick it someplace you'll be able to see it.
  • Whatever you wrote, realize that number is possible. You'll have to change your mindset and learn some new skills, but it is possible.